Water Safety Instructor Program

Class Information/Requirements:

The Blue Mountain Recreation Commission is pleased to present the American Red Cross’s Water Safety Instructor program. This is the Red Cross certification class for persons interested in teaching swimming lessons.  The program is open to students age 16 through Adults who possess excellent swimming skill & endurance.  A swimming pre-test is required to enter this course.  The pre-test will be given on the first day of class.  We will only be accepting 10 participants for this class.     ​

  • PRE-TEST:  You must be able to complete the following skills in order to enter the class.


    • Do prerequisite swims:

                        Front crawl                                        25yds.

                        Back crawl                                         25yds.

                        Breaststroke                                     25yds.

                        Elementary back                               25yds.

                        Sidestroke                                          25yds.

                        Butterfly                                            15yds. 

  • Tread water for 1 minute demonstrating two kicks: bicycle kick, breaststroke kick or rotary kick.     

  • Back float for 1 minute with a minimum of movement.

  • ***Strokes must be at Level 5 proficiency.  You are in WSI to learn how to teach the stroke, NOT to learn it yourself.  It is to be done slowly with breathing on every stroke.  If you are not sure of how to do the stroke, please go to an open swim session and practice before the first class.

  • ***These are not racing strokes.  They are teaching strokes.  A breath is taken on every stroke of the arms.


Class Dates are as follows:

  • April 19th 5:30p-9:00p

  • April 23rd 5:30p-9:00p

  • April 25th 1:00p-5:00p

  • May 3rd 5:30p-9:00p

  • May 9th 1:00p-5:00p

Classes are held at the Blue Mountain Middle School Pool. ​


Blue Mountain Residents - $150.00

Non-Residents - $165.00

You may register online for this Water Safety Class at registration.bluemountainrec.com